The Article 50 notification of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, saw us enter uncharted waters. Despite the continued uncertainties of the process, businesses and individuals need to continue to plan for the future.

We are committed to work alongside you to bring our depth of knowledge, experience and contacts to give you the most up to date, insightful and practical assistance as we navigate this process. 

There are two key levels at which Brexit planning will be important for organisations:

  • The macro-position - what is happening, what are key stakeholders thinking and how will this impact different sectors? Through our engagement with numerous stakeholders in the Brexit process, we can provide helpful insight as the process evolves - both from a UK and an EU perspective.
  • The impact on your business - technical perspectives and practical implications. Through our monitoring of developments and our understanding of your business, we can work with you to design, refine and challenge your Brexit strategy. 

Alongside our bespoke work for clients, we will continue to give clients access to helpful know-how through eBulletins and our Brexit tool. We are also running a series of focussed round tables - on legal and related Brexit topics - which we hope will help you get to the heart of what is important for your business.

If you are interested in a discussion about Brexit, please contact the head of our Brexit Working Group, Stephen Kon.

View our Brexit blogs.

Brexit tool: